160 Folsom St Pretzel-Twist Tower Set to Go to Next Phase

A condo tower called “Bay Tower” that twists horizontally in two directions as it rises up 400 feet will soon be an SF architectural conversation piece at the northwest corner of Folsom and Spear in the Transbay District. Architect Jeanne Gang’s vision for this stunningly exotic building has cleared building permits with the site-clearing permits (which includes excavation, shoring and pile driving) are on hold but are expected to be approved soon.

The site clearing work is expected to begin within a month and first occupancy is slated for the first quarter of 2020. The tower will house 391 condos with 156 designated as BMR (below market rate). A grand total of 10,200 square feet of retail space will be built into the tower. Underground parking servicing 340 cars will be part of the construction.

The height limit of the Bay Tower was successfully raised from 300 feet to 400 feet awhile ago through the planning department.

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