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How are Bay Area home prices looking?

Now that the market is looking a little more optimistic, I thought it would be a good time to discuss a roundup of home prices throughout the Bay Area. Paragon research has resulted in this map, which gives you…

Are good times here to stay?

Heaven knows we’ve seen our share of dire predictions down San Francisco Chronicle way, so when I see something rosy, I want to share it with you. Specifically, Chron columnist Andrew Ross wrote a pretty positive…

How do I deal with earthquakes?

Many of my clients who are newer to San Francisco ask me about how well different kinds of homes might withstand an earthquake. I tell them that the first thing they should consider is where the home sits…

Median home sales price hits two-year high

Paragon research is turning up some good news: In the first two weeks of May, the median home sales price was $745,000 – the highest median sales price since April 2010. That rush two years ago was no…

So you’re buying property with tenants?

So your new real estate purchase comes with everything – including tenants? This is a circumstance with which I’m quite familiar, especially given the number of renters in San Francisco. I have a listing right…

How do IPOs affect San Francisco real estate?

The workweek started with more than a thousand newly minted Bay Area millionaires. How will this affect San Francisco real estate prices? Well, one of Paragon’s clients, who qualifies as one of these millionaires, asked our…

Facebook IPO is finally happening

Social-media giant Facebook has established its initial public offering price at $38 per share. That’s the high end of an anticipated range of $28-$38. As of late morning, the stock had opened at just…

Sellers, wherefore art thou?

It’s seller time. As in, it’s time for sellers to start showing their faces more consistently in today’s market. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, but the problem…

“I would much rather work with you”

See the title of this post? Those are the magic words I love to hear when I’m submitting an offer and am in competition with other agents. Allow me to toot my own horn for…

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