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Who is San Francisco? City Demographics

Who is San Francisco?

Who We Are, How We Live, What We Do, How We Rank

How many San Franciscans:

Trace their ancestry from China, Ireland, Mexico or the Philippines?

Are children under 5? Speak Spanish at home? Have their cars stolen?

Are heterosexual or gay? Divorced? Live alone? Give birth each year?

Vote Libertarian? Earn over $200,000/year? Have graduate degrees?

There is no city in the world like San Francisco – and here are some of the details.

For analyses of the city’s real estate market, please see links at bottom of newsletter.

The good and evil of Google

There’s a reason Google is king. It’s a mega-powerful resource for many tasks, including researching agents, buyers and sellers. We do it all the time and I know our clients do it too…

From our NorCal network : The Artisan Group

986 Ridge Drive, Concord
Offered at $2,598,000

For more information about this property or a referral to other areas of Northern California, please contact me.

Fleet Week – October 4-8

From its humble beginning in 1911, the Navy’s flight program has grown to become a guardian of freedom for America and its allies. The U.S. Naval Aviation program includes three branches of the military: the Navy, the Marine Corps and the Coast Guard. This year San Francisco Fleet Week spectators will be captivated by the dynamic performances of the Marines AV-8B Harrier and by TWO jet teams, The Blue Angels and Canadian Snowbirds!

Click here for more information!

Case-Shiller High-Tier Home Price Index Highest Since December 2008

The July report of the Case-Shiller Home Price Index was released today. All price tiers for the 5-County San Francisco Metro Statistical Area increased. The high-tier price index, which best applies to the city of San Francisco itself, hit its highest point since December 2008.

Recent trends by month, 2011-2012: http://my.paragon-re.com/Docs/General/SixtyFortyImages/Case-Shiller_High-Tier_2011.jpg

Annual trend line since 1996: http://my.paragon-re.com/Docs/General/SixtyFortyImages/Case-Shiller_HT_1996-2011.jpg

Simplified trend line since 1982: http://my.paragon-re.com/Docs/General/SixtyFortyImages/Case-Shiller_Simplified_from-1984.jpg

A more detailed explanation of the Case-Shiller Index can be found here: http://www.paragon-re.com/Case_Shiller_Index_Deciphered_for_SF

Property Information Map offers online planning tool

Wondering where to get the information you need about a particular property? Wonder no more. Enter the Property Information Map, courtesy of the San Francisco Planning Department. That planning tool has earned the department a “Bright Ideas…

Checking out the nuances of charts

Much is always made of Paragon sales charts, which offer some of the most comprehensive real estate market information dedicated exclusively to San Francisco real estate. They are popular because they not only offer a tremendous amount of data…

From our NorCal network : The Artisan Group

1431 Jefferson Street
San Francisco, CA 94123
Offered at $1,499,000

For more information about this property or a referral to other areas of Northern California, please contact me.

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