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The color of 2013: emerald green

What’s the hot color for next year? Emerald green, or so saith Pantone. This color proclamation could very well affect how homeowners are decking out their palaces for the next year or so – or longer if…

Most expensive SF home sales – mapped!

Find yourself wondering what the most expensive home sales were in the city this year? Well, wonder no more. SF Curbed offers a handy map of the priciest homes that were both listed and sold in 2012. And…

October Case-Shiller Index Released

This is for the high-price-tier index for the 5 county San Francisco Metro Statistical Area (MSA). The home values of the city of San Francisco itself (not reflected on the two charts below) went up more in run up to the financial markets crash of 2008, then declined less with the crash and now is recovering more quickly in 2012, than the entire 5 county MSA market.



Deciphering the S&P Case-Shiller High Tier Home Price Index

On the heels of Christmas, Paragon Real Estate has released an update clarifying the findings of the Standard & Poors Case-Shiller High Tier Home Price Index. The most recently released index, which covers conditions for October 2012, is…

Happy holidays!

This isn’t just the time of year for gifts and trees – it’s a time for reflection. As the year 2012 winds to a close, it’s a natural time to look back on…

From our NorCal network : The Artisan Group


140 St. Germain Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94114
Offered at $5,399,000

For more information about this property or a referral to other areas of Northern California, please contact me.

What changes did 2012 bring for renters?

This last year ushered in its share of changes for local renters. As the year comes to a close, I thought it would be interesting to look back on how the rental world has changed in San Francisco.&nbsp…

Low housing stock doesn’t stop SF buyers

We’re ending 2012 on a good note. Despite the incredibly low housing stock we saw in San Francisco this year, the San Francisco Association of Realtors tells us that there was still a large number of motivated…

Holiday travel? Keep your home safe

Like many others, you may be traveling for the holidays. While you’re making that before-the-trip to-do list, remember to give some thought to keeping your home safe while you’re off having the…

Is the mortgage interest deduction at risk?

Ah, the rumor mill. Seems it’s been working overtime with regard to the mortgage interest deduction and whether it’s being threatened by the fiscal cliff negotiations. If changes are made, it will affect high-affluence…

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