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Getting the picture of today’s real estate market

All throughout 2012, we were contending with extremely low inventory working against surging buyer demand. What’s more, so far this year the dynamic is only getting more unbalanced, with buyer demand growing even stronger and inventory…

Is our rebound real?

I’m a realist, but not a fan of blank-check doom and gloom. That’s why I wrinkled my nose a bit to read Robert Shiller’s recent New York Times article entitled, gloomily enough…

November Case-Shiller Index Released

The Case-Shiller Index just released their November report, which is reflected in the two charts below. Remember that this is for the top third of sales price-wise in the 5-county San Francisco “metro statistical area.” The city of San Francisco has recovered more quickly and dramatically than the 5-county area as a whole.

Each month, Case-Shiller recalculates the price ranges of the low, middle and top tiers (thirds) of sales by the number of units sold. One indication of what has happened over the past year is that in December of 2011, the top third (“High-Tier”) of sales started at a sales price of $573,000; in November 2012, the top third of sales started at $685,000.





Our in-depth analysis of the Case-Shiller Index can be found online here: http://www.paragon-re.com/Case_Shiller_Index_Deciphered_for_SF

$5K/month – and a heck of a history

Unless you buy a brand-new home, any property that you’ll purchase or rent comes with its own little slice of the past. However, some have more than others, and a two-story townhouse at 101 Lombard…

Housing market recovery: A graphic view

We’ve been in a recovery for a while. That’s not really news to anybody. But I’d like to offer an interesting look at what’s happened the last two times before our…

From our NorCal network : The Artisan Group


45 San Leandro Way
San Francisco, CA 94127
Offered at $1,998,000

For more information about this property or a referral to other areas of Northern California, please contact me.

Things to know before moving to San Francisco

Thinking of moving to our fair city? Blogger and entrepreneur Jason Evanish has a few words of wisdom for you in his piece, “25 Things I Wish I Knew before Moving to San Francisco.” Evanish, who moved…

Bay Guardian offers real estate predictions for 2013

The San Francisco Bay Guardian offered some amusement last week in the form of real estate predictions for this year. Keep in mind that taking these seriously is harmful to your health and sense of humor. First, due…

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