2015 in review: the start of a series

It’s that time of year: the time when we look back at the last 365 (or so) days and try to make some sense of everything that’s transpired. The SF Housing Action Coalition has done just that, and I’d like to recap their efforts.


First, a reminder of the coalition’s advocacy focus: building well-designed and well-located affordable housing that is also transit-friendly for renters as well as buyers. Through its Project Review Committee, the coalition looked over 26 proposed housing developments as of Dec. 2, endorsing all but three of them. “Through thoughtful discussion with the developers and architects,” its year-in-review states, “our Committee makes recommendations on how projects can become more transit and environmentally friendly by encouraging more bike parking and less car parking, as well as innovative conservation efforts such as individual water metering for new units. We’ve given guidance on how to make retail and pedestrian ground-floor improvements and informed developers about new housing policies such as the Affordable Housing Bonus Program and inclusionary ‘Dial’ so they can explore providing more permanently affordable housing in their projects. This is all achieved with the help of our eight Project Review Guidelines.”


This year’s Project Review Committee’s highlights include:


  • Endorsement of 23 new housing developments totaling nearly 5,000 homes
  • Eighteen onsite Below Market Rate projects
  • Two In-Lieu Fee projects
  • Three projects combining onsite, offsite and in-lieu fee
  • A total of 1,103 Below Market Rate units, with more than $22 million to the Mayor’s Office of Housing to fund all of the city’s affordable projects
  • Slightly more than 4,700 new parking spots, mostly attributed to the new Mission Rock project
  • Slightly more than 3,100 Class 1 bicycle parking spots


Tomorrow we’ll continue with our 2015 year-in-review through the eyes of the coalition.311269_05