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When Selling a Home is Like Selling a Secret

When I moved here in the mid-80s, I learned San Francisco on foot by climbing its hills and counting its blocks. Back then the City unfolded itself to me in a series of unexpected moments as I stumbled across places like the Vulcan Stairs, Sutro Gardens, or the heart-stopping crest of the hill at Filbert and Hyde. At the time, I thought these discoveries were all mine and that no one else really knew about my secret spots.

An early favorite find was the first block of Liberty Street. If you have yet to discover it yourself, I recommend approaching it from the Valencia Street side holding an ice cream cone from Smitten. When you turn the corner, you’ll trade clutter and chaos for a canopy of Gum and Ash trees that frame front stoops and Italianate facades. The 19th Century homes are perfectly sized for this little street and love to show off their bits of gingerbread and clapboard in the dappled sunlight.

One of the best things I love about my job is that I not only regularly visit my favorite nooks and crannies but can also become part of their history–if only for a brief month or two. My recent sale at 22 Liberty was a thrill for me and for my buyers– who love the location as much as I do.

The Latest San Francisco Real Estate Report

Still want some charts about the SF Real Estate Market?  You can get your fill from our most recent Compass San Francisco Real Estate Report

If you’d just as soon hear my Cliff Notes version, here it is in five easy pieces.

  1. Year-to-Year the market has remained strong with prices up and number of sales down.
  2. San Francisco is outperforming other Bay Area market.
  3. Our median house sales price in San Francisco hit a new high this spring BUT our rate of appreciation is significantly slowing down.
  4. Looking forward, October is typically one of our busiest months for closed sale after a big spike in September’s inventory.
  5. We should also see more price reductions as Sellers try to spark renewed buyer interest for overpriced homes before the market slows for the winter holidays.

The Transformation of a Grand Old Lady

My Victorian listing on Bush Street sat virtually untouched for over 70 years before we got it ready for sale. This video shows the “before and after” transformation framed by a terrific back story. It’s a really good video and worth the two minutes of time it takes to watch it. Just remember to get out your hankie before you start.

Compass arranged for this production to promote their Concierge Service– which paid the renovation costs up front so the family that owned the home didn’t have to come out of pocket.

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