3 Paragon Reports Break Down SF Neighborhood Buying Opportunities

Three new reports (and accompanying graphics) just came out from Paragon Real Estate Group that reveal excellent buying opportunities in San Francisco. These are the much anticipated semiannual and update reports released by Paragon and if studied are a clarifying lens on SF’s neighborhoods and districts in terms of home unit sales. The information can be insightful for both buyers and sellers.

Links to the reports are below. The reports cover: 8/16 semiannual analysis of where to buy in SF by price point; the 7/16 analysis (in tables) breaking down sales and prices by neighborhood and bedroom count: 7/16 district sales by price segment (in charts).

The first two reports are more geared to buyers as they look at neighborhood by neighborhood opportunities. The third report will assist sellers in successfully setting prices that will move their property.

Be careful to note that the median prices won’t be exactly the same from report to report as the time periods are different and some of the parameters are tweaked a bit—with or without parking, fixer uppers, or BMR’s excluded, etc.

Click on the links below to view the reports:

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