$3,300 a Month Gets You These Rentals in SF Now

If you have about $3,300 a month to spend on a rental place in SF, sf.curbed.com has put together a potpourri of offerings for that specific amount. It’s an interesting way to sample what different SF neighborhoods offer for specific price amounts.

First off is a 788 square-foot one-bath studio at the Wilson Building at 973 Market Street. Wilson is a really pretty building with a grass turf communal hangout space on the roof sporting a fine view. The studio is actually pretty spacious and almost feels like a full apartment. And you can bring your pet.

Next are the apartments over in the North Beach neighborhood at 1050 Columbus. Tons of tile on the floor, yet the unit include a full bedroom and bath for the price, but you can’t bring Rin Tin Tin or Paws along.

Three more interesting comparisons are featured in the article.

Click here for the full article.

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