Sold: 4685 18th Street

Sold for $2,000,000

Castro Condo with an Italian Vibe

Imagine that you’ve just relocated from Italy. And you’re commuting to your new job in SF from your childhood home in Los Altos until you find a new place to call your own. The daily drive is so grueling that you’re prepared to settle on a home that has everything you need without necessarily having everything you want.

Still, location is important. You need to be in that Hayes Valley/Castro/Liberty Heights zone (and maybe even out to Noe Valley for just the right place). An extra bedroom for guests is essential, as is a functional kitchen (you’re a trained chef). Your heart is set on period construction or at least something with architectural interest. And outdoor space important.

The wants that you are willing to sacrifice are parking, good light, easy entertaining with al-fresco dining, and direct access to outdoor space (common area yard is ok).

You come close to writing on a condo on Fair Oaks but the treacherous staircase down the parking in back was too much to take. There were a couple of Hayes Valley charmers, but one was set down so low that could easily stare into your front window, and the other had a screwed up kitchen that would cost too much to fix.

You finally make an offer on a contemporary townhome in the Castro that has double the space you need. There are 11 offers on the home and yours is the lowest, which makes sense since the extra square footage isn’t worth the premium to you.

By this time it is past Thanksgiving when inventory starts to shrink. With few listings coming on, your agent (that’s me) trolls expired listings to see if any might be coming back on after the holidays. That’s when she (me) learns that another Compass agent she’s known for years is getting ready to quietly market a condo on 18th Street that failed to sell the previous fall. .

Fast forward a few days and you are walking into a top-floor Victorian flat that not only has everything you want but tons of extras, like Corona Heights views, heated floors in the master bath, an EV charger in the garage and remodeled everything. There’s even a common area yard below your back deck that reminds you of the Villa Lante with boxwood hedges weaving about a cascading fountain.

With stars in your eyes, you bid without any competition and take possession on New Year’s Eve, two weeks after going into contract.

Your agent (me again) would love to maintain this kind of momentum for our other clients as we move into 2020. Can she sell your home next?

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