A 1928 Tudor House On Pacific Avenue Wall of Presidio Up For Sale

San Francisco is known for grand old Victorian style houses, not for the more subdued, stately Tudor style. Nevertheless there are a goodly number of gorgeous Tudor homes in SF, coming out of the Tudor Revival period of 1890 through 1940.

A beautiful example of the Tudor Revival in SF is now on the market—a brick-stone-and-wood home built in 1928 and owned by only two families in its storied and well kept history. Located at 3383 Pacific Avenue the house boasts the lifestyle architecture of the rich and famous just before the 1929 stock market crash: manicured gardens, a solarium, capacious butler’s pantry, a resplendent library, and seven bedrooms, six full baths and a couple of half baths.

In a continuity of ownership that has both pluses and minuses, this Tudor has been owned by the same family since 1960. This means kitchen and bathroom remakes haven’t been done for modern use and indulgence, but all the original, historic crafting and materials (including leaded glass) are exquisitely maintained.

The asking price is a Tudor-worthy $14 million. And this includes gorgeous, tree-filled views of the Presidio and the Golden Gate Bridge.

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