A Cool Map Exploring SF’s History of Street Names

As you’re cruising around one of the most cruisable cities in the world – SF – among many pleasant thoughts could be: What is the history of that street I just passed or I’m driving down. History – interesting and scandalous – is embedded in asphalt and street names of our fair metropolis.

And for those of us with street-wise curiosity there’s an interactive map that satisfies most, if not all, of our street touring questions as to origins.

I, for one, was curious about Turk Street (also Boulevard) which I happened to be on a while ago. So, using the map’s zoom feature I zoomed in so I could click on Turk. And I found out that the street was named for Frank Turk, a local lawyer who was the deputy mayor of San Francisco in the 49er Gold Rush age of 1850, under Mayor John W. Geary. Wow, that’s interesting, and historic. Plus, I deduced that Geary Street is named after the aforementioned Geary, who was the very first mayor of San Francisco, then traveled on to become governor of Kansas Territory in the Wild West, and then governor of Pennsylvania.

Click here to enjoy the SF street names interactive map.

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