A Marriage Made in Heaven? – Work Plus Living In Same High Rise

Well, it’s probably the easiest home to work commute, outside of just working from inside your home. Just walk to work on the same floor you live on in a high rise—at least that’s the new idea from developer Realtex from some prime real estate in San Francisco.

So, if you can see yourself living at the corner of 4th and Bryant Streets, in a 13-story high rise (called 475 Bryant) that marries living space to work space, and your employer is there, then Realtex has the spot for you. Cody Fornari, of Realtex, says, “We envision this building as the first large-scale, fully integrated mixed-use building in San Francisco. We want to create a building where people not only have a unit to live in, but a space to work in.”

Realtex is confident that large tech employers will jump at the opportunity to have cheek-by-jowl living to work space—going with the thinking that it would be enticing to employees facing San Francisco’s stratospheric home prices. The building is about 200,000 square feet. No prices per unit have been published yet.

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