A matter of questions and answers

My job comes in two parts: asking questions and listening to answers.

I qualify my buyers with a series of questions. For example, I ask them when they picture themselves in their new home. If they’re not able to give me a date, I know that I shouldn’t be badgering them to start looking right away. I also ask if buyers have gotten pre-approved. They need to do that before I’ll meet with them, because they need to understand the numbers in a concrete way. This is also an important emotional step since getting preapproved makes the process more real.

Additionally, I ask what buyers are seeking and what their price range is. This is how I can figure out whether or not they are realistic. Buyers must truly need to ask themselves what they can afford before they jump into the deep end. I also want to know if they’ve spotted anything they like online. If this is the case, I then ask them if they’ve seen the property. They need to have at least driven by – and if they haven’t, that tells me where they are on the curve about getting educated about the types of homes in their price range.

During the first meeting, I almost always whip out a map so that we can start the conversation about neighborhoods. My buyers usually know the city pretty well and can immediately point to different areas to tell me why they like them – and this can open up a larger conversation about neighborhoods they might not yet have considered.

I love all my buyers and am extremely patient. Some take years – and that’s okay.

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