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When I was little, I dreamed of living in a good home. It didn’t need to be large. A peaked roof cottage would do, with a front yard and maybe a dog on a tree-lined street in the kind of town where neighbors would drop by for a visit and you knew the postman by name.


I started selling real estate in the Haight Ashbury in 1986 and bought my first piece of real estate two years later: a Marina Style set of flats in San Francisco’s NOPA District. It was nothing like what my younger self had in mind, but it was all mine, and I could paint the walls any color I wanted, finally get a cat and never worry again about my landlord kicking me out.


Because I believe a good agent should invest in their product, I converted my little building into three condos and trading each one into a new real estate adventure. Residential income properties remain a specialty for me and I love talking about how they can be leveraged into sound financial investments.


30 years and hundreds of deals later, my smart, funny clients are comfortably ensconced in homes that reflect their best selves. To learn more about who I am and how our SFRealEstateBuzz team works, you can visit us at www.SFRealEstateBuzz.com, follow at www.Facebook.com/sfrealestatebuzz , call us at 415-577-0809 or email us at Cece@SFRealEstateBuzz.com.

Carrie Mickelson


My San Francisco real estate career began in 2004 when I moved from my chilly home state of Minnesota. I brought with me 10+ years of real estate and marketing experience. I started in San Francisco as a Loan Originator and then transitioned over to Marketing with one of the top Real Estate Sales & Marketing companies for new developments. As a Marketing Production Manager, I planned, executed and analyzed successful marketing campaigns resulting in 356 homes closed and over $233 million in sales of residential real estate. In 2009, I switched to a Mortgage Loan Origination position where I specialized in financing buyers for new construction condominium projects while working closely with realtors, developers and the sales & marketing teams. I took a few years off after the birth of my son, Finn, before re-entering real estate as an Operations Manager. In this position, I work behind the scenes to make sure all our transactions run smoothly. I love working with our team and our clients to make sure they have the best real estate experience possible.

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