AirBnB comes down to earth in San Francisco

If you have been leasing out rooms or sometimes your entire home on AirBnB, you may already be aware of new City ordinances designed to curtail the practice. The biggest change is the limitation on number of days you can rent your place out. There are also new layers of paperwork and costs. You can learn more here at the SF Planning Department.

Some buyers have kept the AirBnB model in mind to help defray the costs of ownership. Renting short-term has also been a boon to those who own small pied-a-terres that are rarely used. San Francisco Realtors have also used the idea as a marketing tool for listings with rooms down or small apartments attached. All these practices need to now be scrutinized as the the business of short-term rentals can no longer be relied upon for a consistent and healthy income stream.

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