Amazon Cashier-Free Grocery Stores Coming to SF and Chicago

Well, it’s a dubious honor, and another first for San Francisco, city of cultural experimentation ever since the Barbary Coast days. Amazon, with its love-hate relationship with consumers, is coming to an SF corner as a brick-and-mortar grocery store. The twist; it won’t have any cashiers to check you out. No humans except us shoppers cruising the aisles, putting stuff in our carts or baskets. And cameras watching us and recording every move and eyebrow lift.

That’s right. It’s called Amazon Go, and the store tracks with it’s Big Brotherish camera array all of our shopping activities and bills us after we’ve left the store. Critics worry that this technology will lead to armies of cashiers being out of jobs.

Amazon posted ads today for store managers for the SF and Chicago stores. It isn’t known where the Amazon Go will be situated, but SF Chronicle reports that Amazon recently purchased space in Union Square.

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