An Incredible Literary Journey Through San Francisco Mapped

How often is San Francisco (and other Bay Area locations) mentioned in literature—fiction, nonfiction and poetry? Well, a lot, and certainly often enough to make a very edifying and fun interactive online map at the site (see link below). Or who are the writers currently living in SF and the Bay Area, and what are their works? Just several of many questions that SFer’s often think about while sipping good coffee and contemplating our the cultural wonderland of our city.

From the Sunset over to Fisherman’s Wharf, from the Mission over to South Park there are “passages” on specific neighborhoods of SF from books by 19th century to 21st century writers. And these are well-written passages. Click the tab for passages and click on the floating icons and up pops the relevant passage correlating to that area of SF. Nice.

And that’s not all. Beside passages and authors, you can also look up booksellers and places, like where Allen Ginsberg gave his first public reading of his breakout beat poem, “Howl”—considered to be the birthplace of the Beat Generation.

Go to The Literary City interactive map

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