Another Beer Haus Suds it Up in San Francisco

Beer is uber popular in San Francisco, and the Bavarian tradition of combining barrel-pulled beer and hearty German food in a long-table atmosphere under a haus roof is further promulgating in SF. We already have the popular Biergarten over in Hayes Valley, and now the huge Radhaus is opening soon in Fort Mason. So, if you have a hankering for beer, weinersnitchel and rollicking good-cheer company, then get in your BMW and drive on over to the Fort.

And who is building this festive beer hall? The same developers who gave SF Biergarten. Only, this one is bigger, in that its occupying the former army machine shop at the fort. They are turning a 3,700 square-foot space into an open Bavarian beer hall design, keeping the 27-foot high ceilings with their steel trusses and vintage industrial look. The star of the beer haus will be its alpine bar, a whopping 200 feet of ponderosa pine carved right on the site.

Look for a very late spring or early summer opening.

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