At Least 75 Things in San Francisco for Summer Doing

Here we are a day after summer solstice with some blistering hot summer weather a few days behind us, and contemplating all the things to do in our beautiful, bountiful city. The choices in SF are liking going into a foodie buffet—the plates aren’t big enough to stock up everything your eyes are telling you to pile on.

So, what to do? has ridden in to the rescue with a cornucopia of 75 things to do this summer in the city—ranging from the elementary pleasurable to the exotically inspiring, perhaps life changing.

A few tidbits:

8. Get into a deep wine weekend at the Golden Glass Slow Food fundraiser (June 29) and Pinot Days at Fort Mason (June 30)

18. Celebrate and indulge in summer hot dogs at Frankenart Mart’s Hot Dog Days.

28. Make like a tourist and roll through Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39. It’s still fun and still good food.

Click here the for full list.

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