Be The Lord Of Your Own Alley in San Francisco for $35,000

Here’s something curiously unique and a very once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Haven’t you ever thought about owning your own alley in SF? Sure. Lots of people have. And it’s only $35,000. Pretty cheap. Last week, the alley was listed on the market—it’s location in the Richmond District, between 22nd and 24th avenues.

Of course, there’s no real estate on (or in) the alley. It’s a strip of concrete paved shared driveway running behind a row of homes, that is an official easement. But, it’s block from the Presidio. As the article correctly states there’s not much you can do with this alley, except walk on it or stand on it, and know it’s yours, and brag about it. You can’t build on it. Park a vehicle on it. Or pitch a tent. Maybe give it an unofficial name.

As the owner you pay taxes, insurance and keep it ship shape. The current owner, an East Coaster, bought the alley sight unseen at a city tax auction. The corporation that used to own it (along with the entire block) disappeared, thus property going on the auction block.

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