Bernal tapped as hottest U.S. hood

Pretend you hadn’t read the headline above. What would you have guessed to be the nation’s most sought-after neighborhood? The Mission? Pac Heights? Well, guess again. (Of coruse, reading the headline, you don’t have to guess.) It’s Bernal Heights.

According to Redfin, Bernal is buzzing. That’s due to a number of factors:

  • Walkable location
  • Quality schools
  • Short commute to work as well as other daily life tasks

The San Francisco Chronicle quotes Redfin’s report as saying: “The trending neighborhoods offer a short drive to or easy access to a commuter rail line at prices that are not the most expensive in the city.”

With San Francisco home prices shooting up nearly 25 percent in 2013, it makes sense for buyers to start considering more overlooked neighborhoods, and Bernal Heights has sometimes been spurned for neighborhoods such as the Marina. (Though the type of person who may want to live in the Marina might not exactly be the same person who is attracted to Bernal.)

Through Jan. 14, 2014 (and beginning in Oct. 2013), the median sales price for Bernal Heights homes was $1,050,000 based on 43 sales. In a year, the median sales price went up 38.2 percent, or $290,000, with sales figures increasing nearly 20 percent. While these numbers are significant, keep in mind that they’re on the lower end compared to other neighborhoods. As the Chron concludes, Bernal Heights is still a bargain – for now.

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