Best Indian Curry Houses in San Francisco

Indian restaurants are mushrooming (as in a good mushroom korma curry) in the city, along with a growing number of fast lunch spots and food truck street eats. SF has even imported some Indian curry brands from New York City. Ever thought of a tikka masala (which by the way is the most popular fast food in England) burrito. Maybe not. You’ll find it in our foodie-centric city.

So, the tandoori-burning oven question is: what are the best curry eateries here in SF? has done us the great favor of creating a numbered list of the best houses with an interactive map and tempting descriptions.

Number 1 is August 1 Five, a particularly non-Indian name, with a modern improv take on the traditions of Indian cuisine. Lunch and dinner at Van Ness. Comes out of the Rasika restaurant in Washington D.C.

Number 2 is Babu Ji which immigrated to us from Manhattan. Located on Valencia Street, this spot features gonzo curries, and some fusion food like naan and smoked salmon, and spicy cocktails if that’s your thing.

Enjoy the full article at the site.

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