Better Things to Do in San Francisco on Black Friday

Yes, Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving (which is an ennobling giving of thanks,) is somewhat of a lack of light as it’s purpose is to shop for wheelbarrows of stuff at great prices. But, hopefully, this more stuff are gifts given with a beautiful spirit of holiday cheer and generosity. However, not everybody is out there grimacing in long lines to stores and fighting off enemies at the cash-register gates. Some of us like to do other stuff.

For us San Franciscans who like to spend Black Friday by anti-shopping, has put together an interactive map page of free pastimes on BF that should lift your heart, spirit and Thanksgiving-stuffed body. The first stop on the map are the Filbert Street Stairs in Telegraph Hill. If you haven’t done these, then prepare for a calorie-burning workout, plus some famed parrots to look out for, the Grace Marchant Gardens and a wooden plank sidewalk along Napier Lane that is lined with charming pre-1900 cottage type homes.

If you want to see how the bespoke 1% live, recommends heading over to Billionaire’s Row at Pacific Heights. Here you’ll walk and marvel at multi million dollar homes that are setting records in the real estate world for prices in SF, and stand out for architectural aplomb and novel-like history. There’s also another set of steps over here to explore: Lyons Street Steps.

Click here for the complete list of free Black Friday alternative events.

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