Bicycle resources for San Franciscans

Part of living in San Francisco is figuring out how to navigate it. For many, that translates to two wheels. Fortunately for those, there are tons of bike resources to help with the ins and outs of getting around our gorgeous (if hilly) city. Today I’d like to concentrate on a major one of those: the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

The Bike Coalition’s Resources section breaks down into seven categories:

  • Maps and Routes
  • Bicycle Law
  • Urban Bicycling Workshops
  • Theft and Locking
  • Issues and Improvements
  • Bike Parking
  • Bikes and Transit

Under Maps and Routes you’ll find a San Francisco Bike and Walking Guide, Google Maps and the Bike Mapper, which is particularly useful in our part of the world. Bike Mapper shows you point-by-point directions and the flattest way possible to get to where you’re going, which can be super helpful, can’t it?

Bicycle Law offers help with rules of the road and bicycle-friendly lawyers, and also has a crash checklist. Urban Bicycling Workshops are offered for adults as well as youth and family, and the Theft and Locking section teaches you how to lock and register your bike, as well as showing you what to do should your bike get stolen. Issues and Improvements are an opportunity to report road hazards such as potholes, report construction sites and report to the Office of Citizen Complaints.

The Bike Parking section lets you request a bike rack, request a bike corral or hire the organization to valet an event. Finally, the Bikes and Transit section details taking your chariot on BART, MUNI and CalTrain.

Happy two-wheeling! This Indian summer is the perfect time of year for it.

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