Big Wave 2018 Trends in SF’s Hospitality Scene

You may be wondering what are the predicted trends for San Francisco this year in the city’s hospitality world? We’re looking at next generation mobile apps, or robot automatons using their digital brains to run a hotel, hotel lobby offerings that are very high end, to farm-to-shaker cocktails, to very targeted cuisine niches. put together an article and slide show discussing this year’s trends. California’s hotel hospitality is in big growth. Last year, the state set a new record for hotel room openings with 10,790 rooms set to receive guests—beating the record set in 2008. In San Francisco, four hotels will be opening this year, adding 670 rooms to the city’s inventory, on top of 290 from last year with Hotel Via’s and Proper Hotel’s door-opening.

Interesting trends:

Regional cuisine is in, in, in—from Mexican to Chinese to Israeli and all points inbetween. Jewish delis are expanding with eager popularity in the city.

Okay, call them “mocktails,” those drinks sans alcohol, and they’re in this year. And restaurants are working on introducing their own wine labels.

Cashless payment systems where you’re not dealing with people to pay are being adopted by more casual eateries. Look for ordering kiosks and digital menus in some of your fav restaurants, a means of owners dealing with worker shortage.

Click here to check out the article and slideshow.

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