Bringing New Vigor to Fisherman’s Wharf Struggling Businesses

Fisherman’s Wharf is probably San Francisco’s most well known iconic location, a 30-block neighborhood that is a blast from SF’s briny past and a modern dynamo of clichéd tourism. But the retail powerhouse of the Wharf is waning. And that is noticeable because 65% of visitors to the city go to the Wharf, spending $600 million buying stuff on the Wharf and $250 million on hotel lodgings.

Big bucks are at stake in Wharf land. That’s why The Fisherman’s Wharf Community Benefit District (FWCBD) just announced its new retail strategy to upgrade the Wharf area, create more interest in the Wharf experience among locals and visitors, and mix celebration of SF’s fishing legacy with the retail milieu of the Wharf. 

The 70-page plan lays out a plan to “maintain the Wharf renaissance” that includes these 5 goals:

  1. Improve Wharf Appearance & Connectivity
  2. Curate the District’s Retail
  3. Connect to the Waterfront
  4. Promote the Wharf’s Uniqueness
  5. Enhance the Public Experience
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