By the numbers: Is spring a good time to sell?

Our business is definitely affected by seasonal changes. So how does that translate when it comes to spring?

Part of that answer lies in a Paragon chart, which makes a point about listing one’s home in spring. That chart shows that spring is typically the most active selling season of the year when it comes to listings going under contract. What it also shows is that things have gotten more active as time has gone on, with 1,405 properties under contract in the second quarter of 2011, 1,624 properties under contract in the second quarter of 2012 and 1,754 properties under contract in the second quarter of 2013.

This chart is a depiction of market recovery in 2012-2013 when it comes to San Francisco’s high-tier price index homes (as defined by Case-Shiller). You’ll see here that things have been climbing steadily northward as time goes on, with activity certainly high in spring season.

And this chart shows median home sales prices ranging from Spring 2011 to Spring 2014. Here you’ll see prices peaking in the spring season with each successive year, and getting stronger as things go along. That said, there hasn’t been a huge change between last year ($975K) and this one ($978K).

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