Single Family Home Rentals on the Rise

DID YOU KNOW? Demand for single-family rental homes is surging, and homebuilders are now stepping in, redesigning and reimagining the sector — and becoming landlords themselves. In 2018, about 43,000 single-family homes were built for rent, the largest number in nearly 40 years according to National Association of Home Builders analysis of U.S. Census data. The built-for-rent share of housing starts is also rising, nearly double its recent historical average (from 1992-2012). (CNBC)

Affordability Crisis Spreads to the Heartland

What began on the coasts, in areas like New York and San Francisco, is now radiating into the nation’s heartland, as well as to cities from Las Vegas to Charleston, South Carolina. Entry-level buyers are scrambling to purchase homes that are in short supply, sending values soaring.  Expectations that the Federal Reserve will reduce interest rates this week will do little to change the sober reality: For many, prices have risen much faster than incomes, pushing homeownership out of reach for a new generation of hopeful buyers (BLOOMBERG).

You can read the full article HERE.

Fun Things to Do This Weekend July 27-28

One of the many reasons I love this city is that there is ALWAYS something fun to do.  Here are just a few things to check out this weekend.

“Crazy Funny Asians” Comedy Showcase

July 28th, 7:00pm

Neck of The Woods, San Francisco, CA

Inspired by the blockbuster movie, see some of the Bay Area’s top comedians at San Francisco’s Crazy Funny Asians comedy showcase! Let’s celebrate the Bay’s Asian-American culture and heritage with laughs.

Stern Grove Festival presents the San Francisco Ballet

July 28th – Show starts at 2:00pm.  Seating is first come, first served.

Artistic Director Helgi Tomasson, performs a selection of highlights from their current repertory at Stern Grove Festival. Conductor Martin West leads the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra.

Treasure Wine Fest Happy Hour on Treasure Island

July 27th & 28th, 12:00-5:00pm

Winemaker Studios

Winemaker Studios is a collective group of urban wineries located in a rustic, relaxed setting with waterfront and Bay Bridge skyline views, providing a genuine, winetasting experience. Located on San Francisco’s historic Treasure Island, Winemaker Studios brings together great winemakers to provide a one-of-a-kind urban wine experience for individuals, private events and unique corporate gatherings.

Secrets to Happiness

DID YOU KNOW? 95-year-old billionaire Charlie Munger’s advice for a happy life is worth repeating:

  • You don’t have a lot of envy.
  •  You don’t have a lot of resentment.
  • You don’t overspend your income.
  • You stay cheerful in spite of your troubles.
  • You deal with reliable people.
  • And you do what you’re supposed to do.

Staying cheerful, regardless of how bad things can be at times, is great advice. Nothing new, but worth repeating. (CNBC)

Luxury Russian Hill Remodel. Before and After Pictures

1750 Taylor #504 is a luxury co-op that sits at the apex of Russian Hill. It was purchased in its original condition by a real estate agent named John Farnham in 2016 for $1,667,250.

John’s plan was to extensively remodel the home and enjoy it for many years with his partner. However, after the remodeling they decided to sell #504 so they could buy a different property that had grabbed their attention. After some months on the market, my clients purchased the home in June of 2019.

Below are some before-and-after pictures that show you the home’s transformation. One of my buyers has a background in home design, so she appreciated the effort that went into renovating #504.

Happy Fourth of July

San Francisco’s fireworks show will get under way Thursday at 9:30 p.m. or thereabouts from the foot of the Municipal Pier and from barges north of Pier 39 at Fisherman’s Wharf.  Here are a few good places to view them.

  1. Take a ferry to either Angel Island or Treasure Island
  2. The Crissy Field picnic area
  3. Off the dock at Pier 7
  4. Take a cruise on the San Francisco Belle
  5. Grab a blanket and head up to Twin Peaks

More Sleep Please

DID YOU KNOW? 78% of adults are losing sleep over work, relationships, retirement and other worries, according to a study released by 56% of Americans are lying awake at night worrying about money. People are tossing and turning over retirement (24%), health care and/or insurance bills (22%), the ability to pay credit-card debt (18%), mortgage/rent payments (18%), educational expenses (11% versus 26%) and stock-market volatility (5%). The site polled over 2,500 people.

Let’s hope we can all rest up over the long holiday weekend.

Homelessness in CA jumps significantly

DID YOU KNOW? Housing affordability is fueling a crisis of homelessness in California, despite billions of dollars in taxpayer-funded efforts (higher property taxes in LA). Homelessness jumped 12% and 16% from a year ago in the county and city of Los Angeles, respectively. The tally showed 58,936 homeless people in Los Angeles County, which includes 36,300 in the city, the USA’s largest outdoor-homeless population. In San Francisco, the number rose 17% while Alameda County, which includes Oakland, saw a 43% increase. Homelessness grew 42% in San Jose over the past 2 years and 31% in Santa Clara County, the heart of Silicon Valley. New York is not far behind.

At the end of 2018, four California mayors from the largest cities got together to discuss this as a monumental crisis requiring state-wide effort.  See full article HERE.  Let’s hope someone can finally come up with solutions to make this grim situation better.

LGBT notable events in 2019… so far

In honor of Gay Pride this month, let’s review all the LGBT victories in 2019 so far.  I love seeing all these RIGHTS and bans finally happen.  HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!!


  • Same-sex marriage becomes legal in Austria.
  • A law banning conversion therapy on minors in the U.S. state of New Hampshire takes effect.
  • A law banning hate speech based on “transgender identity or expression” takes effect in Sweden.
  • A law allowing third gender option (“diverse”) on official documents takes effect in Germany.
  • A law allowing legal gender change without medical or psychological requirements, as well as third gender option (“X”) on birth certificates takes effect in New York City.
  • Angola decriminalizes homosexuality.
  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signs a bill banning the use of conversion therapy on minors. The law takes effect immediately, making New York the 15th U.S. state to enact such a ban.


  • Health Minister of Germany, Jens Spahn, calls for a ban on conversion therapy.
  • The French Parliament votes to replace the use of the words “mother” and “father” in official school forms with the terms “parent 1” and “parent 2”. Supporters of the legislation say it aims to guarantee equal treatment for pupils with parents of the same sex.
  • Same-sex marriage becomes legal in the Mexican state of Nuevo León, following a unanimous ruling by the National Supreme Court of Justice which struck down the state’s ban on such marriages as unconstitutional.


  • The Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Austria allowed blessings of same-sex marriages.
  • The Reformed Church in Austria allowed blessings of same-sex marriages.
  • The Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Württemberg allowed blessing of same-sex unions in Christian churches.
  • Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló, issues an executive order prohibiting mental health professionals from offering conversion therapy for minors.


  • Health Minister of Spain, María Luisa Carcedo, calls for a ban on conversion therapy.


  • The Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Hanover allowed blessings of same-sex marriages.
  • The Evangelical Church of the Palatinate allowed blessings of same-sex marriages.
  • Same-sex marriage becomes legal in Taiwan.

For more information on LGBT rights, you can visit the Wikipedia page HERE.

Home Prices Still Rising

DID YOU KNOW? National home prices increased 3.6% year over year in April 2019 and are forecast to increase by 4.7% from April 2019 to April 2020. The April 2019 HPI gain was down from the April 2018 gain of 6.6%, but up slightly from the March 2019 gain of 3.5%, indicating that the rate of home price increases has flattened out. Prices in 39 states (including the District of Columbia) have risen above their pre-crisis peaks. Of the 7 states that had larger peak-to-trough declines than the national average, California, Idaho, and Michigan have surpassed their pre-crisis peaks as of April 2019. Connecticut home prices in April 2019 were the farthest below their all-time HPI high, still 18.8% below the July 2006 peak. (CoreLogic)