Horn Toot! 23A Delmar Street

I trust Cece’s knowledge, skills, and character so implicitly that I’m a return customer. Cece helped me find my dream condo in 2010 and then did an amazing job selling it in 2017. Both times I felt like I was in the best hands possible, for two main reasons: First, she was absolutely looking out for my best interests above all else. Second, other agents prefer working with her because she is such a pro and such a lovely person, and this made me a more desirable candidate when buying my condo. I am so grateful to Cece and her stellar team.

– Katie L.

Horn Toot! 632B Missouri Street


Cece is just in tune with what’s going on in the market and understands how to present something in the best possible way to attract the greatest amount of potential buyers.

We weren’t really planning on selling our Potrero Hill condo when a good friend introduced me to Cece. We had moved to Seattle and the property was just sitting. We knew we had to sell it at some point, but there was some deferred maintenance and updates that needed to be done in order to maximize the return on our investment.

Here’s where Cece’s flexibility showed itself: she was very forthcoming in providing me with someone who could stage and fix a lot of it and then accept payment upon closing. That persuaded me to go with her. She had also gotten a very strong recommendation from our friends for whom she had found a property in San Francisco.

With Cece, we enjoyed good dialogue on the things that we wanted to maximize and make this property attractive to the broadest set of buyers. A lot of people want to believe that the property is worth a lot of money, and she was very realistic when it came time to set a price. She priced it at a point that allowed us to attract a broader customer base – and this resulted in a pretty hefty bidding war on our property. Ultimately, we got above and beyond what we expected for it.

She’s just in tune with what’s going on in the market and understands how to present something in the best possible way to attract the greatest amount of potential buyers.

– Jurgen Pichler

Horn Toot! 733 Front Street #601


I found Cece to be a tireless worker with dogged determination, an exceptional knowledge of the San Francisco marketplace. 

I first met Cece in 1998 when I was looking for a condo in the city. This was at Portside, an Art-Deco modern low-rise near the Bay Bridge. Cece was working for the sales company on the ground floor and I was just a walk-in, meeting her by the luck of the draw. She showed my partner and I a few possibilities in the building and I was immediately smitten with her charm, wit and keen intelligence. She also had a wide-eyed enthusiasm that was attractive. She might have sold me anything that first day – but she listened to our specific needs and desires and eventually found us one, then another wonderful condo that we purchased as investments and later sold at a sizable profit. Since she was so great on both the purchase and sales sides, the relationship was sealed.

Years later in 2008, when looking for another special living space in the city, Cece was again determined to find something to meet our needs. After an exhaustive year-long search, we found the truly spectacular view condo on Front Street that became our San Francisco pied-a-terre. Last year, when it was time to give up the home in the city, I turned to Cece for her unique marketing approach that proved to be remarkable for a quick sale in a very competitive market.

Throughout these transactions, I found Cece to be a tireless worker with dogged determination, an exceptional knowledge of the San Francisco marketplace.  Beyond that, her warm demeanor and sense of humor about the real estate game also turned her into a long-term friend. Many times we would enjoy a drink and dinner after a long day of intense shopping for the right perch. Throughout that personal contact, I found her to be more than an agent and grew to appreciate her multi-faceted personality. Selling real estate is only one of her talents: when she sang in perfect pitch at her own wedding, I realized I knew someone truly remarkable in many ways.


For any future ventures in the city, I would not hesitate to turn to Cece Blase for help. In fact, she’s the only one I’d call.


– John Boccardo

Horn Toot! Presidio Heights Condo


We trust her. She offers good advice. We would recommend her to anybody.

We met Cece when we had bought a place in San Francisco and she was selling the apartment and condo below us. She then had a client interested in our place, so she reached out to us. We toured our home and started talking, and she stayed in touch with us even though we decided not to sell. Whenever we had questions about the real estate market, she was there to offer information.

So when we went to sell three or four years later, it was a no-brainer. We said: “We’re going to use Cece.” We made the decision to sell very quickly and were out of town at the time we did so. She took the initiative, got things up and running, was totally engaged. She’s hands-on and managed the whole project. We had to do some construction before we sold and she staged it. Here’s an example of how detail-oriented Cece is: our little home aquarium remained in the house for awhile after we moved out, but  Cece would go in to check on our fish to make sure it didn’t die.

Essentially, her service extended past the transaction. She just went beyond the call of duty and was always so nice when we reached out to her with questions. Even to this day, we’re buying a house in the Seattle area and have called Cece to get advice on things.

When we were in San Francisco, we created a great network and Cece, to us, is part of that family. She’s always there for you, not just as an agent or in a professional relationship, but as a partner for life. We trust her. She offers good advice. Even though when we first met there was no talk about us selling and her being our agent, she was always there.

We would recommend her to anybody.

– Pat DiStaso and Sudha Shahs



Horn Toot! Corona Heights TIC

After using a discount broker and failing to win in a multiple bidding situation, we turned to Cece based on the recommendation of a friend and Realtor in the East Bay. When we met with her, we found a refreshingly candid professional who avoided a salesperson’s optimistic spin. Instead, Cece was straight up with honest assessments that addressed the bad as well as the good, and surprised us by echoing what we were thinking.

By listening carefully and knowing what options were out there, she found us a great TIC opportunity right away in the Upper Market/Corona Heights neighborhood. But negotiating on the property was tricky. The flats were priced very unevenly, making it difficult to match TIC partners. To complicate matters, the seller lived on the East Coast and was using a relocation company.

Cece handled these challenges with creative strategies. She found a partner prepared to pay a bit more than the list price for the other unit and negotiated a deal that had the seller paying all the closing costs – something I don’t think many other agents in San Francisco would have been able to accomplish.

Our purchase taught us how important a Realtor’s negotiating skill, market knowledge and local contacts are for their clients. Cece’s experience and network helped us find the property that’s right for us at the price we wanted to pay. I expect she’d do the same for a seller. We recommend Cece to anyone looking to buy a home in San Francisco and will be giving her a call when we’re looking to sell.

Jonathan Geilhufe and Ellie Coombs

Horn Toot! North Beach Pied-a-Terre

After Cece helped sell my husband’s Cleary Court condominium years ago, his work took us to Los Angeles. But Tony Bennett was right: We left our hearts in San Francisco. We decided it was time to buy a property in the city and got Cece on the line.

I can tell you that Cece is absolutely relentless in looking for properties that she thinks may be of interest to a client. I know this because my husband and I were extremely indecisive. We were hardly easy clients for Cece – every time she took us to see properties we would decide that they weren’t right or that we didn’t feel ready.

But Cece was delightful, always so agreeable and so gracious. She understands the parameters and will knock herself out finding things to show you. She stuck with us and lo and behold, last year we found ourselves ready to buy. We’d gone up to San Francisco for a weekend, called Cece and said: “Okay, we’re really ready this time.”

That weekend she showed us eight properties, and we ultimately made the decision to buy a wonderful condominium North Beach condominium at the corner of Grant and Lombard. It was a great buy and I don’t know if we’d be able to get the same kind of property for the same price today.

We love working with Cece. She’s enthusiastic, not in a way that involves pressuring someone to do anything they don’t want to do, but about what her business is. And that’s infectious. You really feel as though she knows the market and she knows what’s going on, and that makes a huge difference.

Rae Terry/Jay Welsh

Horn Toot! SOMA Loft(s)

We first worked with Cece in 1998 when she helped us buy our condo on Langton Street. From the moment we met her, we were taken by her honesty, sense of humor, and terrific personal vibe. When we decided to sell Langton Street eight years later and do a 1031 Exchange into a true live-work loft for our graphic design business, we knew we wanted her to represent us again.

The first step was getting the Langton unit ready for market, which required extensive advance work. Tenants had left the place a disaster zone and cleaners, trades people and stagers were needed to get it looking as good as it did before. Our personal situation also posed challenges as we were now based in New York and travel a great deal internationally.

Our limited availability required Cece to manage much of the repair and preparation of the property herself and work remotely with us by phone and email during the marketing, offer, negotiation and escrow period. When we were able to speak with her personally, she always made us feel at ease and confident in how things were moving forward.

On the buy-side, Cece also made sure to leverage the days we were in town to our best advantage by making sure we saw the absolute best properties for our needs. Ultimately her network of agent and personal contacts helped us find us the ideal loft on Tehama at 5th before it hit the market. We made a quick, clean offer and are thrilled with the new space we now use as our West Coast office. She is exactly what we were seeking in a real estate agent.

Bradley and Jonina Skaggs

Horn Toot! Civic Center Condo

Knowing Cece for several years gave me the confidence to enlist her help when selling our two-bedroom Hayes Valley condominium in preparation for a move to Wisconsin. My husband and I were nervous – moving wasn’t an easy decision for us.

However, the first time we spoke to Cece about selling our home put us at ease. She came beautifully prepared with a detailed marketing plan and an organized, efficient strategy for selling our San Francisco condominium. More than that, she knew how to mesh with both my husband and I, despite the fact that we have very different personalities. Charming, high-energy, funny and very frank, Cece understood exactly how to engage both of us in ways that made us comfortable.

Cece is the best agent I’ve ever worked with. She offers:
– Knowledge of the San Francisco real estate market, including niche neighborhood expertise;
– An understanding of the dollars-and-cents aspect of what makes properties move;
– A wide network of top-notch professionals, including stagers and photographers;
– A sense of diplomacy that doesn’t stop her from telling you the exact truth;
– A personable, fun working style;
– Authority – when you’re working with Cece, you know everything is moving according to plan and you’re clear on who’s doing what, or what you need to do, every step of the way.

When I lost my job, Cece met me for coffee and gave me some amazingly helpful advice about blogging, social marketing, and getting the word out. I wasn’t surprised – she’s just that kind of person. Cece doesn’t just provide real estate information. She gives her clients information that can help them in many other aspects of their lives.She blends new marketing methods such as social media with the classic approach of building and maintaining long-term relationships with people. Unlike the other agents I have worked with, I have no fear of losing touch with Cece. We’ve maintained our relationship, and we’re going to use her when we move back to San Francisco!

Jonathan Streeter

Horn Toot! NOPA Condo

I returned to the Bay Area to finish law school in late spring with the goal to find a place before school started. With a tight time frame and extremely challenging price range, I knew I’d need an agent who would hard on my behalf .

When my parents recommended Cece to me, I knew I had found that agent. She immediately got started with finding potential properties and was quick to provide any answers I needed.

Cece also walked me through several different offers. Our first bid was on a new studio condo in SOMA, but we couldn’t come to terms with the developer. Our second offer was a distressed property at The Palms, also in SOMA. That too was rejected.

By now some agents might have grown impatient with my low price point, but Cece was great. She was happy to visit properties with me, which was especially valuable since this was my first real estate purchase.

Her persistence paid off when we found a beautiful Victorian condo north of the Panhandle on Divisadero. It had so much incredible detail – high ceilings, bay windows, hardwood floors – and only one problem. The seller had just accepted an offer from another party. But Cece had a hunch that the property might just open up, and she kept in close touch with the listing agent. Sure enough, the home fell out of escrow and we brought in a backup offer.

When it came time to negotiate the exact terms of the deal, she was very protective and made sure that all of the right clauses were in the contract to protect my interests. She was very honest with me in terms of what she thought my chances were, what a good offer would be, and where we could start the offer and how we could negotiate it.

Today I live in a great place in a wonderful neighborhood – and I have Cece to thank for that.

Alex Reese

Horn Toot! Mission District Townhome

When I was younger, Cece worked with my parents on the sale and purchase of investment properties. When it came time for me to make my own real estate purchase, father had one piece of advice: Go with Cece.

When we first started working together, I was renting a Victorian flat on Guerrero Street. Cece knew I loved the Mission District and I knew I wanted to buy a home there. What I didn’t know is how much patience buying real estate can take.

We started with an offer on a sweet large Victorian one-bedroom condo but didn’t get it. With Cece’s encouragement, we kept looking. She eventually arranged a showing of a dramatic new tri-level condo on Hampshire Street. It was completely different from what I originally pictured myself living in, but Cece saw how this home design made my eyes light up.

Together we sought out a comparable home – and we found one on 24th Street in the Mission. That’s where Cece really helped me hang in there, since the home was a short sale and we had to wait until the lender approved the offer. And wait. And wait some more on tenterhooks until escrow closed six months later.

Cece really shone during this time. I learned how focused and informed she is. Casual yet professional, she thoroughly understood a short sale’s mechanics and took the initiative to push the process forward. With her engaging personality and great sense of humor, she made me comfortable with constant reassurances that everything would work out in the end. I so enjoyed working with her. Dad you were right!

Jenny Rosenthal