Christmas is almost here – how do I decorate?

If you’re the procrastinating type, you may not be overjoyed to realize that today is Christmas Eve and you still haven’t gussied up your home for the holidays. Fear not. HomeDIT has a few tips for you to make your home beautiful just in the (Saint) Nick of time.

First off, consider including your favorite colors. Why stick with red and green? Skip that and instead try something different when it comes to dressing your Christmas tree. Even if your favorite colors aren’t at all related to the holidays, they will likely make the tree fit better into your home’s decoration. HomeDIT offers violet as one option and turquoise with green accents as another, but you can certainly come up with whatever works for you. Try accessorizing color accents with others used throughout the room. This will create a harmonious blend and help the tree fit in wonderfully.

Second, try playing with shapes and proportions. Make the most of what you have in order to invite the holiday spirit into your home. Make sure the tree fits the room. For example, if you have a low ceiling and not a lot of breathing room, a small Christmas tree will fit the place in a cute, perfect way. Try decorating it with large ornaments as a way of playing with proportions.

Third, take a hint from Scandinavian interior design – and adapt these to your decoration of the Christmas tree. In Scandinavian design, simplicity is everything. That means ditching the sparkly colors and ornaments and instead incorporating white and natural materials. Try also playing with texture and design to adapt the tree to its environment.

Wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays!

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