Comparing Bay Area home purchases to the stock market

Is the Bay Area real estate market a better bet than the S&P 500? That question is the subject of Paragon’s recent report, which details a 20-year comparison of return on investment. The analysis look at the comparative investment returns of buying a Bay Area house, gold, Apple stock, an S&P Index fund or putting money into a bank CD.

Now, let’s face it: Stock and house prices can’t be compared apples to apples. What Paragon has done here has made a simplified, good-faith illustration of the investment of $100,000 in January 1994, having chosen February 2014 as the home sell date since that is the last published Case-Shiller Index (as of May 20, 2014).

In hindsight, 1994 was an excellent time to put money into the stock market. If you include dividend reinvestment, the S&P 500 went up approximately 9 percent per year for a total of 473 percent over the 20-year period.

Meanwhile, Bay Area home prices went up much less than the S&P during this period – about 5.5 percent per year for a total of 189 percent. That said, the return on cash down-payment investment would be about 733 percent – a significant outperformance of stocks. This difference only increases when you look at taxes on gain.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the financial advantages particular to American homeownership.

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