Conversation Worthy Demographics Report on San Franciscans

Paragon Real Estate Group has just put out a report that is chock full of very interesting demo-facts on us San Franciscans. The report is titled What You Do Not Know About San Francisco, and rather than looking at homes as real estate papers usually do, this one examins the city’s people.

The reports subtitle is: Who We Are; Where We Come From; What We Believe;

How We Live; What We Do; Money Earned & Money Spent

So, what do we find among the charts and graphs? Well, first is the ethnicity/race/ancestry pie chart. It shows Non-Hispanic Caucasian as 41.2% while Hispanic/Latino are 15.3%, Asian ancestry is 33.5% and African American is 5.3% with a final, interesting percentage of mixed race at 4.6%. Among the Caucasian segment, the Irish comprise 8%, followed by German at 7.7%. For the Asian segment, 21.4% are Chinese followed by 4.3% Filipino. For the Hispanic group, 7.8% are Mexican, and 5% Central American.

More to come later…

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