Cost of Hiring a Decorator to Stage a Home

Staging your home for sale is an absolute must these days as any expert or amateur will tell you. Doing it yourself or hiring a professional is an option.

If you’re doing it yourself then your costs for the staging are going to be for the painting and repair/finishing materials, maybe renting some furniture and jazzing up the lighting. Some homeowners can get away with spending relatively little for their staging, but they’re doing the leg work.

Bringing in a decorator or professional house stager can cost you between $75 and $125 an hour, but a 2-hour consultation usually costs $300 or $350 (and in SF can be more). This gets you a 2 hour tour that generates a staging plan with photos and a report. The typical amount a homeowner will spend on staging if they’re hiring people (including the house stager) to do it is an average of $1800. The high end runs into several thousand dollars. Professional stagers may also charge a staging flat rate that includes furniture/decor rental or purchase and could have a month to month minimum. For a vacant home (you’ve moved the furniture out) this staging cost runs to 1-2% of the list price.

There will usually be a retainer fee to get started with a professional home stager. It’s good to get estimates from more than one before signing any agreements.

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