Coworking Spaces in San Francisco Competing With Big Amenities

San Francisco’s coworking scene is undergoing a makeover as competition heats up between companies vying for the coworking market. Coworking is when workers from different companies work independently in a shared workplace. In San Francisco’s booming office market, coworking space takes up 2.5 percent of office real estate, but that is still big profits for companies offering the coworking places. They’re now in a battle of amenities to attract in new tenants or woo others away.

The biggest coworking company in the Bay Area is WeWork with 880,946 square feet of comfortable, ergonomic, well-conceived work space, plus the ever growing number of fetching amenities. Next in size is the Port Workspaces, with 118,000 square feet.

What kind of amenities are these coworking companies now integrating into their environment offerings. Well, there includes on site child care, a Mother’s room, sleep nooks, podcast booth (broadcast your own show), upscale club room, bocce ball court, and Port Workspaces offers a 30-foot slide down through a turquoise industrial style tube—for those quick descents we often need.

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