Does New York best San Francisco’s dog-friendly condos?

Pet spas. Weekly grooming visits. Dachschund-shaped benches adorning high-end apartment lobbies. Such is the scene amongst New York’s high-flying condominium set these days, where those with the cash for top-end places enjoy the best in amenities not only for themselves, but for their furry friends as well.


“(These) have sprung up in residential buildings in New York in recent years in a bid to entice renters and buyers devoted to the four-legged members of their families,” the New York Times claimed, adding that even the more affordable housing options in the city have begun unrolling pet-friendly programs.


So what about San Francisco?


According to a 2015 analysis by HotPads – as reported by CNN – pet-friendly units in our fair city come at an average of 12 percent higher price-wise than those that don’t allow pets. Compare that to a national average of a 3.5 percent surplus in major metropolitan areas across the country – and don’t forget to add in the pet deposits or pet rent that is often charged by landlords.

Courtesy Allison Landa

Courtesy Allison Landa

“San Francisco even lags behind New York City,” the article proclaimed, “where the share of dog-friendly apartments is almost three times higher and just over half of all landlords allow (some pets).”


So what do some of the higher-rent offerings in San Francisco have on tap for the four-legged among us? Well, Fulton 555 features a private dog park, while Lumina has a pet grooming station in case Fido gets filthy. Concierge services may be found at Infinity, Millennium Tower and The Beacon both of which could likely arrange dog-walkers.


Still, if your family includes pets, be prepared to cough up more cash for your living quarters. And if you’re expecting pet spas, you might want to rethink those expectations. This isn’t affordable New York, you know.