Dogs Have it Dog Gone Good in Some SF Luxury Condo Mid-Rises

An article out of last January dwelled lovingly on the latest trend for amenities for luxury condo complexes: everything pets. Pets are now the new humans when it comes to bringing in new buyers. Take Chicago, which is a very pet friendly town, and its new crops of luxury condo high rises offering Puppy Play Spaces and Run and Relief Rooms—astro turf and a cute fire hydrant installed. Many spots offer dog walking, vet care, feeding, grooming, training, in-condo dog sitting, and, of course, pet therapy with the Dr. Phils of dogs and cats.

San Francisco has now added in a kind of doggy car wash to these pampering amenities. The District is a mid-rise luxury living condo habitat over in the Lower Pacific Heights and along with an impressive list of what’s available in services, entertainment and walking-about is a dog washing station. Not much more is said about this, but it sounds like a bespoke convenience for residents with bespoke pooches if someone does it for you, or perhaps its like a car wash where you do your own dog and the station is outfitted with splash rooms, hoses and big fluffy dog towels or air blowers.

Here’s the full article at the site.

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