Easy-breezy ways to eliminate more plastic

Our wonderful state of California has been at the forefront of limiting single-use plastics with statewide bans on plastic bags, straws and bottles.  And while this is amazing, I can’t help but notice how many single-use plastic bags are still lining garbage bins all around the city.   It’s so simple to come up with a solution to eliminate these.  Here are some suggestions from The San Francisco Department of the Environment on what to use instead.  These small changes can make a BIG impact on our environment.

Recycling Bin: no liner needed 

  • With dry and cleaned recyclables, no liner is needed for your recycling bin and recyclables can be emptied directly in your blue curbside bin.
  • Another option is to reuse a brown paper bag or cardboard box as many times as possible. When it gets soiled, compost it.

Composting Bin: find a compostable liner that works for you

  • Use a soiled cardboard to-go container or a milk carton, newspaper, or a reusable container (rinse as needed). 
  • Freeze your compostables and avoid all liners! Freezing compost prevents leaks and smells.
  • Purchase compostable bags to line your compost bin (make sure they are certified “compostable”). Learn how you can get a free kitchen compost pail from Recology

Landfill Bin: think small 

  • Very little actually belongs in this bin except for some chip bags or broken ceramics, so you can use any small container – even a coffee can! No liner is needed and your landfill materials can be dumped directly in your black bin. You can rinse the bin as necessary.
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