Eat Your Way Through All The New Restaurants – SoMa and Mission Bay.

The numbers are a bit surprising, but for a foodie town like San Francisco, maybe not. Despite all the high costs and pretty daunting permitting processes to jump through new restaurants and cafes crop up all around us in the city all the time. Over 85 new restaurants, bars and cafes have opened in the city over the past six months. And ten of those have been in the cultural growth hot house of SoMa and Mission Bay with its big high tech employers bringing in loads of hungry diners with palates wanting to explore. Mission Bay is moving from dining backwater to a kind of new wave heartland.

So, now you can go on a food quest and eat or drink at all the new 10 establishments if you like. Or check out one or two that have special appeals to your taste buds. has put together a slide show featuring the 10, which include organic chicken fast food, Korean, Greek, Mediterranean, Pacific Northwest and other savory cuisines.

Click here to see the slide show of newly opened restaurants and cafes.

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