Eight ways to dress up your hallway

When was the last time you gave thought to your hallway? If the answer is “not lately”, then you might want to change your evil ways, baby. As Houzz writer Shane Inman notes, “the hallways that connect living spaces to sleeping spaces to the exterior of a home are just as important as bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens.” Inman, an interior designer, offers eight ways to dress up often-drab hallways. Check these out – there are ways to make your hallways come to life after all:

1) Use a colorful rug. Inman says “instant style” comes with an eye-catching rug. Try horizontal stripes to make a narrow hallway feel wider, and a long rug extending from one end of the hallway to the other has dramatic impact as well.

2) Try a picture gallery. Extra-long hallways can benefit from a mix of family snapshots and art, which add warmth to the space.

3) Consider cabinetry. Wider hallways can handle custom cabinetry for extra display space and storage area.

4) Pick pendant lighting. Since most interior hallways lack windows, sufficient lighting is important. Hanging pendants can help light the way and add flair as well.

5) What about wainscoting? It’s a great decorative element – but it also helps keep your drywall free of markets, scrapes and bumps. Heavy-traffic areas benefit from wainscoting.

6) Benefit from bookcases. Inman notes that both a functional and aesthetic element can be added to hallways from bookcases, which help the avid reader who is flush in volumes.

7) Maybe a mural? Murals can be more affordable than wallpaper – and they come in many customizable options.

8) Framed mirrors can be the answer. Mirrors can help bring extra light and visual space into a hallway that is small, dark and in need of help.

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