Electric Scooters Run Afoul of Human Traffic and the Law

Small, stand-up electric scooters are the new transport startup craze in San Francisco, with three companies vying for the market to grab-and-go from point A to point B and drop-off. The three companies have seen a ton of their apps downloaded, and use growth of the largest company is at 735% increase over 3 months ago.

However, all that came to a screeching halt when a week ago the Public Works department rounded up 66 of the scooters off SF’s sidewalks and sent them to a storage yard. Those 66 are the entire stock of electric scooters from the startup companies.

The problem is that the scooters were being driven on sidewalks recklessly enough by their riders to be noticed by pedestrian walkers, and improperly parked on sidewalks. San Franciscans who walk the sidewalks were complaining about scooters driving on the sidewalks – which there is a law against – and then parking them in pedestrian pathways. Plus, riders are supposed to wear helmets, which they often forego. From now on, the city says it will deal with improperly parked scooters on a complaint-by-complaint basis.

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