Enjoy Exotic Eats in SF—Even a Café for Dogs Woofing Your Way

In its weekly ode to the amusingly or tantalizingly good eats in the city SFweekly.com came out with this eclectic list of what’s what.

The puppy café has to be first, of course. SF already boasts a kitty café (along with Oakland) and now the New Mexico NextGen shelter has kicked off an Indiegogo campaign to get a nonprofit canine café barking and wagging its way into our hearts. The puppy café will have coffee for humans with neighborhood dogs (and visitors) in the front and an updated adoption shelter in the back. The idea is for the shelter to be self-sustaining.

Looking for a Ploughman’s Lunch (bread, charcuterie, cheese, hard boiled egg, and pickled veggies? Head on over to Waystone at 992 Market, a wine bar that just opened with a cornucopia of sandwiches that go with 35 wine offerings to pair up with.

Another looking question. Looking for a drink that costs $400? According to SFweekly.com there’s a list in The Business Times of the six most expensive drinks in the city, and one $400 concoction called The Centurion is available at a certain North Beach night spot.

If you’re wondering why the costs of burritos are going up then the answer lies in the escalating (really sharply) cost of avocadoes. Prices are up at Taqueria La Cumbre and Taqueria El Buen Sabor as a result of avocadoes going by the crate squished up in cost from $40 to as much as $120.

Whole story is here with full roundup.

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