Evolutionary Looks at Outdoor Spaces & Other Home Elements

Currently, one of the major player demographic groups of home buyers is the Gen Yers. They’re born between 1980 and 2000, are 80 million strong, and many of them are on the hunt for aesthetically engaging, well conceived sharing spaces, walkable (as in not too dependent on cars) homes.

What do Gen Y house hunters want? According to a detailed survey recently conducted by the National Association of Home Builders they want a lot of things that don’t draw from what their parents wanted.

Outdoor Spaces: these home buyers are looking for common area patios where loved ones and friends can nicely come together in a comfortable, let’s-commune space. They’re not looking for large lawns and yards that try to look like English estates. They want to be outside the home in congregation areas that have compact beauty and functionality. Outdoor fire pits are desirable. In the case of home complexes shared features are a hit with Gen Yers—like a rooftop swimming pool shared with the building’s tenants, or a common screening room.

Some other wants: big living rooms, less cavernous hallways, bigger shower stalls instead of soaker tubs.

Much of this translates to SF living, but the reality is that many SF younger home hunters in the Gen Y category are wanting the opposite of what this survey depicts. And the SF styles of homes are more formally spaced, and would require major renovation to meet some of these new looks.

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