Famous Punk Rocker’s Noe Valley Home Is On The Sales Block

In 2003 Eric Melvin (lead guitarist for the punk rock group NOFX) snatched up a lovely 1904 Edwardian cottage house at 665 29th Street in Noe Valley for $750,000. If you think a punk rocker’s home is, well, punky, maybe grungy, you’d be very wrong. Melvin had the 1500-square foot house extensively renovated in a traditional San Francisco style and the results are stunning. This includes panoramic SF views from every vantage point in the house—even from the attic balcony. Now on the market, the asking price is a cool $3.6 million.

Melvin essentially doubled the living space in the home, building in a new kitchen, a lower level family room, a third bedroom and a two-car garage. A studio cottage that forms part of the house was also finely remodeled. The home is really designed in a musician’s sense of entertainment—and done with taste. While the renovations are modern in materials and technology, the look creates a fine bridge from classic SF cottage to contemporary city living. Noe Valley has undergone something of a resurgence in makeovers that are contemporary yet retain the Valley’s flavor.

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