Farm Fresh To You announces a wider variety of farm products for delivery

Farm Fresh To You, a local organic farm delivery service, announced this week that they have expanded their packages to include a variety of over 100 farm products to their customers. The box subscription service is helping other local farmers market their goods in a new way.

“Farm Fresh To You’s farm product add-on service is helping us get our products to the market in a new way,” said Jim Etters, director of land management, Seka Hills. “We sell olive oil, honey and vinegar through their delivery service, and our orders are increasing monthly. Farm Fresh To You has the same commitment to quality and sustainability that Seka Hills does, and we value this local partnership.”

How does the service work? Farm Fresh To You Customers select which size box of produce they wish to have delivered: small, medium, or large. There are several types of boxes and the boxes are customizable. Customers can then choose to have the goods delivered to their home or to their office.

Founded in 1992, Farm Fresh To You delivers produce to major metropolitan areas in California including the San Francisco Bay Area, the greater Sacramento region, greater Los Angeles, and several other counties.

“Farm Fresh To You members can now customize their boxes to choose the produce they want from our seasonal selection,” said Thaddeus Barsotti, farmer and co-CEO, Farm Fresh To You. “Many farms also make specialty food items and other farm products, and we decided our customers would love the ability to add these products to their delivery service.”

Farm products for sale through the Farm Fresh To You website include apple juice, applesauce, chili sauce, crackers, coffee, dried fruit, dried mushrooms, dried pasta, dry beans, eggs, flowers, granola, jams, maple syrup, mustard, nuts, olive oils, rice, seasonings, specialty flours, specialty salt, tomato sauce, vinegars, wreaths and yarn. The site also offers gift packages or subscriptions, which for the hard to buy for may be an excellent option for this holiday season. This 2nd generation owned family farm is dedicated to helping those in the area enjoy premium healthy produce right at their doorstep.

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