Finding peace amongst the city chaos

San Francisco dwellers know just how much the city’s life can filter in through the walls and windows. Prioritizing peace in your household can truly help with avoiding the ruckus. That’s why Houzz published an article about this very subject, discussing how an interior designer helped a San Francisco couple bring tranquility into their living quarters.

The couple, Anne and Thomas Muller, hired interior designer Michael Merrill to help them make their 1930s-era San Francisco apartment that much more serene. The heart of the home became the oversized dining room, which is also the first room that one can see when entering the apartment. Merrill made it a bit more casual by using a glass tabletop, which is also extremely versatile, and adding low-slung dining chairs for ease and comfort.

Anne’s love of Asian-inspired design came into play in terms of the photographs lining the dining room’s wall. These are based on Japanese poetry written by women ranging from the seventh to the 20th century. In addition, a custom live-edge shelf grounds these picture and provides extra storage space for nights when the couple entertains.

From the dining room through the hall and into the living room, a cohesive space is created by using color palette, rug style and window treatments. In this small hallway, the Chinese goddess of mercy Guanyin holds a place of honor and connects the two rooms.

In the living room, Merrill matched fabric-wrapped rods in the window shades with discreet blackout panels. “Three things will make an apartment a home,” he told Houzz. “Paint on the walls, well-fitted rugs for each room and custom window treatments.”


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