Follow This Interactive Map of SF’s Most Prized Interiors

Architecture exteriors can amaze us with classic or nouveau design and technically brilliant engineering. But it is building interiors that evoke inspiration, upliftment and mouth agape gasps at beauty. San Francisco has to be one of the most fabulous interior-design-and-décor cities in the world. Yet, we wouldn’t ordinarily know what is what and which is which.

Now, the folks at have created an interactive online map of the twenty best interiors in the city. Wouldn’t you know it, the Art Deco-style U.S. Post Office at Embarcadero is number twenty with 27 wall murals by Anton Refregier.

The map was assembled according to readers’ picks, so it’s reflective of a fairly broad swathe of San Franciscans’ tastes. And the list includes what you’d expect—churches and hotels—but also what you wouldn’t expect: bathrooms.

The map shows the city as a map grid, with teardrops numbered from west to east marking the dazzling interiors. Click on the number/teardrop and you’re coordinated to a picture and blurb about the place over on the left side of the map. Very cool.

Click here for the Best Interiors of San Francisco Interactive Map.

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