Folsom and Dore development: what’s the meaning of its SRO status?

SocketSite reports that the Planning Department is reviewing plans to knock down the existing Kung’s Trading Company building on the southeast corner of Folsom and Dore. What’s on tap for that space, you ask? A seven-story building on the site at 1335-1339 Folsom Street, reaching a height of 65 feet and 67 Single Room Occupancy units averaging 385 square feet each.

So what type of SRO are we talking about? While that has yet to be publicly announced, SocketSite’s “plugged-in” readers are hotly debating the acronym’s meaning.

“An SRO? Really?” asked a poster by the name of brooder.

“Y’all should have attended the neighborhood meeting,” a poster by the name of CC retorted. “From my viewpoint the builder is proposing a quality development. A SRO or microunit, I don’t know the difference, but all units have kitchens. This is not to be confused with an SRO hotel.”

The project also encompasses a community room and lounge for residents on the ground floor rather than any retail, plus a basement for storage and bikes. There will also be a 900-square-foot rear yard. Ten of the 67 proposed units will be considered below market rate. However, the location and the fact that it’s a new construction leads one to believe that these are microunits, not a residential hotel. In addition, SocketSite notes that the size lies just under the maximum unit size allowed for an SRO-type development, and is 45 percent larger than the Western SOMA minimum of 275 square feet.

The project has not yet been approved. However, the paperwork for the permits has been filed and builders want to have construction completed by year-end 2016. Stay tuned.

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