Fun Interactive Photo Map on How SF Looked 1850-2000

Take an overhead street map of all of San Francisco’s districts that can be zoomed in and out of and scrolled around on. Then add in a layer of different sized black dots sprinkled all around the SF map that represent from one to multiple photos taken right at that spot. The more photos for that spot, the bigger the black dot. So you can tell if you’re going to see a lot of pictures or a few depending on the size of the black circle.

Click on the black dot and up pops on the right hand side a fairly big thumbnail of the photos, plus a caption. The image is clickable to a much larger version. The photos go as far back as 1850, pre Civil War, and as recent as year 2000.

This is really fun. For instance at the south central side of the Presidio there’s a pretty big black dot that when clicked opens up to a set of images that start with an 1890 shot of Mountain Lake Park and then proceeds chronologically to 1941, then to 1956, 1958 Mountain Lake Park shots and so on. So, all the images are in chronological order.

Go here to see the map.

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