Get Out Your Biggest Credit Card For These SF Restaurants

An oft-heard topic of conversation or writing subject is: what are the most expensive restaurants in San Francisco? Not, where get you the best food for the bucks, but which ones have you put out the biggest bucks…period.

Well… put out a list for SF that is an eye opener. The Japanese restaurant Hashiri offers a $500 a plate chef’s menu. Then there’s Saison, with a $398 chef’s menu. And for most expensive tiny bites in SF there’s the $198 tasting plate put together at Mosu.

San Francisco Chronicle food critic Michael Bauer observes, “The expensive fixed price menu is a defining element of our current dining scene. No other region in the country — not even New York, with 10 times the population — has such a deep bench of fine dining establishments.”

What gives…or what eats? The cost of doing dining business is going up in SF, and the median income for San Franciscans keep rising and people are eager to pay for a really expensive meal. So, a perfect storm of expensive fare.

Click here for a view of the uber expensive SF restaurants.

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